Reasons why my hair extensions are shedding

What is hair shedding?

The hairs we see on our fingers, cloths, towels, and combs especially are some shed hairs. Hair shedding is a normal occurrence for both naturally growing hairs and harvested human hair extensions.

Many people often confuse hair shedding with hair loss. Hair loss is a term used to characterize an unprecedented stoppage in hair growth. Impliedly, hair loss can only pertain to natural hair that grows, not already harvested human hair.

Hair shedding, on the other hand, pertains to both naturally growing hair and the already harvested ones. Hair shedding occurs when a few hair strands fall out of the scalp while combing or naturally at times. Dermatologist stretches the difference between these two terms.

Hair shedding occurs for quality human hair extensions as well as other low-grade hairs. However, shedding in a quality human hair extension should not excessive. A few strands could fall off while combing with a wide-tooth comb, but sealing the wefts of the weave will make sure the hair stays on.

Causes of hair shedding

Similar to natural hair, they make extensions from human hair; hence they can shed. Some even shed throughout their lifetime. So, when you comb your extensions and a few strands fall out, you need not worry or panic. It is normal.

The causes of hair shedding in naturally growing human hair to stress, lack of vitamins, illness, giving birth, poor moisturization, and protein imbalance. Hair extensions, since they are not growing naturally, their causes of shedding are a lot different. Some causes of shedding in extensions include:

1. Low-quality hair extensions: Excessive hair shedding is common for a low-quality extension. It is a way to check the quality of hair extensions. When your extension sheds too much, it could be a pointer to the fact that the hair you got is low graded.

2. Wrongly timed hair conditioning: Hair specialists advise that a just conditioned hair stays for about two days before attachment. Hair shedding may occur if an extension is attached almost immediately after washing and conditioning.

3. Combing and brushing: Normally, a few strands could fall off your extension while combing it. Ensure you make use of a wide-tooth comb to reduce excessive hair shedding.

4. Hair texture: hair shedding may be due to the hair texture in rare cases. Extensions with lighter curls are more likely to shed compared with those having kinky curls.

5. Production error: this reason is not a very common one. However, since producers make extensions with machines used by humans, there is room for human error. Extensions that are sewn tightly to the weft might experience untimely shedding.

6. Bad hair products: Bad hair products accounts for most excessive hair shedding. Oils, hair conditioners, creams, dyes, shampoo, and hair sprays are a major cause of hair shedding. The various chemical compositions in some hair products do not sit well with extensions at times, causing them to break and shed.

Many people complain that their extensions started to shed after using a new hair product. Abstain from low-quality hair products to your avoid hair from shedding.

Ways to prevent my hair extension from shedding

Hair extensions shed hair normally but do not have to be excessive. There are a few measures you can take to stop or reduce hair shedding in extreme cases.

1. Seal the weft: most hairs are not well sown to the weft. This causes hair to fall off the weft. You can try sealing the weft and add reinforcements to them to reduce shedding. There are special glues that can be used for this purpose.

2. Use quality hair products: people shy away from getting quality hair products. The belief is they are expensive or are not as much in terms of quantity compared to low-quality products. Low hair oils, shampoo, conditioners, dyes, and sprays are a common cause of hair shedding. Stop your expensive extensions from shedding by making use of tested quality hair products.

3. Wash softly: avoid getting too hard on your extensions while washing them. Pulling, stretching, and twisting your extension while washing them results in hair shedding. Also, avoid using thin tooth combs while it is wet.

4. Avoid stressing your hair: reduce hair friction while you sleep or go for a sport. Hair extensions experience a lot of damages while we toss and turn while sleeping or jogging. To prevent shedding by stress, ensure you tie your hair or make it into braids or bun.

5. Co-washing Hair extension: extensions are more likely to shed when they are not properly cared for. Co-washing is the process of using quality conditioners on hair, leaving it neat, soft, and moisturized. To reduce shedding, maintain your extensions by conditioning them regularly.

6. Use sulfate-free conditioners and shampoo: sulfate-free products do not have harsh cleansing agents. They prevent hair color from fading, keep hair moisturized, and reduces shedding.

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