Difference between single, double, and super double drawn hair

If you are just getting familiar with hair extensions, there is a high tendency that you will come across some terms that will be unclear to you. Terminologies such as single, double, and super double draw are some common terms to mention a few. These specifications could be of the same length, color, and brand, but the difference rests in their thickness (i.e. how full they are).

What are single-drawn hairs?

Single-drawn hairs are extensions with multiple hair mixes. They are relatively easy to make for companies producing them and buy for hair lovers. Since companies producing them often mix longer hair with moderately cheap shorter hair, their cost of production is somewhat cheaper compared to the others.

Single drawns are not full from top to bottom. Usually, if a single-drawn hair is said to be 22 inches long, this means that just about 30% of the hair strands are 22 inches long. The remaining 70% could range from 5-15 inches.

This is the reason why single drawns are always thick and full at the beginning, but scanty at the end part of the extension. It goes without saying that when you buy a very nice single drawn that is about 22 inches long, you’re practically getting just about 1/4 to 1/3 of the hair length you want to get.

Single drawns are very nice when made into wigs and hair extensions. They appear very full and heavy on the scalp; however, their tiny end tips make them look uneven and scrawny.

This uneven feature of the single-drawn hair makes it difficult to blend. Its medium and short length strands make it harder to blend. Most people who buy the single-drawn hair, end up chopping off about 2-6 inches of their hair to make them even and regular. To aid blending, cutting off the thin end is always an option.

What are Double drawn hairs?

Similar to the single-drawn hair, double drawn are full and thick from the top but scarcely thin at the end. Double-drawn hair does not contain various hair mixtures of different lengths like that of the single drawn. Almost all hair strands are of the same length and thickness.

Since all hair strands are almost of the same length and the overall weight and look of the hair is doubtlessly way better as compared to the single-drawn hair. Relatively, double-drawn hairs are a more expensive type of hair. However, getting more value for the amount paid leaves you with a better feeling and experience in contrast to just getting ¼ of your desired length and quality.

Its exhilarating features make blending very easy and beautiful, and compelling. Double-drawn hair is also used for various wig styles and hair extensions. They look great on almost anybody, not considering their face length, shape, or complexion.

When manufacturing, shorter hairs are deliberately put aside manually, not with machines. After the first drawn, the hair undergoes a second process of drawing to give the tip a gorgeous touch of thickness and beauty. After this process, between 70-85% of equal length and thickness is guaranteed from the scalp to the tip.

Manufacturers find the cost of producing double draws higher compared to that of single drawns. This explains why it can be a little on top of the scale for hair lovers. Regardless, every good thing comes with a price.

What are Super double-drawn hairs?

Compared to all the single-drawn hair and the double-drawn hair, the super double drawn is like the Alpha amidst a pack of wolves. In my opinion, it should be regarded as a double-double drawn. Its length equality, even thickness, heart-melting texture, and lovely appearance are second to none.

It contains over 90% of hair strands that are of equal length and thickness. Its processing is done by professional craftsmen, not machines. Short and middle-length hairs are carefully and intentionally removed from the mix, resulting in a thick hair length from top to bottom.

Women who desire to own thick and equal-length human hair should consider this their getaway hair specification. The super double-drawn hair can be into wigs and various hair extensions. Several hair extensions include super double drawn straight hair, super double drawn curly hair, etc.

Moreover, since the process of producing super double drawn hair is a lot complex and time taking in comparison to single and double drawn hair, it results in a higher cost of production for manufacturers. Therefore, super double-drawn hairs are a lot costly compared to the others.

What distinguishes the single, double, and super double drawn hair

  1. Thickness and hair length: super double-drawn hair is thick and has even length all through. Double drawns are just a step below the super drawns, while single drawns are the least when it comes to hair thickness and full length.
  2. Hair quality: single drawn hairs are collected from a single donor which makes it a mixture of quality and low-quality hairs. However, for the others, the best set of hairs are selected.
  3. Price: quality determines the price. The super drawns are the most expensive followed by the double drawn and then the single drawn.
  4. Looks and appearance: they all look fantastic; however, quality and design tell the difference.

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